Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Starfall Expansion?

I'm not sure when it happened, but, the popular free online phonics website, has branched out.

My kids are messing around with *math* on it now.

The new site is -

I think someone was recently asking me for a *math* Starfall. Well there it is!

Email it to your nieces, nephews, and grandkids, will ya?

See also - Web Homeschooling.


JReality said...

Any chance the stock market will finally top out next year for more than just a temporary correction?

Another wasted year for me from being too bearish and thinking that last summer's scare was the start of a real bear market. Should I give up on the idea of shorting, and become a bulltard after the next correction?

Anonymous said...

Ben literally ass-whooped all the bears from 2008-2009 crisis, who thought this is going to be a secular bear or atleast 5 years if not 10 - this includes me.

most of us thought we would atleast test the low for once....nah...the pump machine and Ben/Treasury literally pulled out all stops.

No mark-2-market rules
No FASB rules...banks can literally carry "unkown" debts for as long as they wish---backed by fed by buying toxic stuff etc
No prosecutions
No body is allowed to fail (after lehman, that is)
Not even the stock market is allowed to drop more than few percent straight, else you would see POMO or other shenanigans.

I would not believe Ben would be this successful. He literally turned the sentiment/confidence around. Even Hussman agrees QE/QE2 is a tremedous success to get its job done....restoring market/economy confidence.

Now, its literally like its party-like-2004. I started receiving multiple credit-card offers 0% intro till 2012, on a daily basis - without fail.

They are starting the credit/debt machine into full gear.

This momentum should atleast carry for couple more quarters, before the ugly undercover problems can show their head. (we may see temporary sell off, but i bet we will see higher highs....before the market tests atleast the 2010 lows somewhere in late Q2/Q3)

make no mistake, nothing is fixed. Infact the underlying got worse than 2007-2008. If there is any kind of, even if minor, crisis in 2011 i think it will be far worse. No more appetite for bailouts...Ben could even loose his job if he tries QE3/QE4.

If no crisis, and we see a relative stable 2011 or no issues, Ben could be credited as the genious...and probably we get QE3/QE4 with full support :(

i would watch China's economy/market carefully in 2011, the negative side-effects of Ben's policies over the last 2 years exported inflation to china. China's stock market has been leading indicator for past few quarters.

but boy did Ben succeed. I guess we will see in 2011.

CaptiousNut said...


Market certainly looks bulletproof at the moment, no? It looks as strong now as it look *doomed* in March of 2009.

What pisses me off is that I should have known it could happen. It rallied something insane like 75% for 18 months during the first Depression (although that was after a bigger drop).

I'm out of that game for a while. Took a beating. Plus I could easily go insane trying to look at stocks through rational eyes. Trading was fun and educational for me for 15+ years BUT it didn't stimulate my brain, at all. Very, very few people trade for 20 years. Guys can *skim* that long but not trade.


Good summary. Though I wouldn't give Ben credit. He's nothing but a tool for old plutocrats.

But the idea that the market going up is a success, well, that depends on whom is considered. Young people, working people today are making contributions at 20% higher prices than they might be otherwise without the pumping. The current value is only really important for old, already-rich people. Everything that's going on is a giant transfer of wealth from young to old.