Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cell Phones - More Important Than Anything Else!

I don't care; I still think most of the these cordless phone apps are completely unnecessary if not mere toys/games.

Shoot, do average teenagers really send over 100 texts a day???!!!


Justin Time said...

I don't know, man. Just the other day I downloaded a very handy app the tells me if my battery is low. And I also found an app to shut my other apps off. Then there is an app that calculates how much space I have left on my memory chip to store more apps. Oh, and I have a virus scanning app. Plus, I think I can make phone calls.

CaptiousNut said...


An app to manage the other apps???

Sounds like something Big an agency to manage the collateral damage from other agencies/policies.

You need an app to see if the battery is low? C'mon!

The only one I might get is the golf GPS one that gives you yardages at courses all over the country.