Friday, December 17, 2010

Typical Harvard Morons

As the almighty temple of brokered and state-sanctioned *education*....I hold an out-sized contempt for all things Harvard.

While we chase rock-throwing sand people in caves thousands of miles in America we subsidize and nurture far more pernicious *domestic terrorists*.

These buffoons might seem smart and thoughtful. No matter...they are simply the next generation of anointed elitists. And there's nothing at all *ethical* or *just* about the international havoc wrought by decades of planning (socialism!).

This class is being webcast. I expect Paul Mitchell will virtually enroll and let us copy his copious notes...


Paul Mitchell said...

After spending five years in an architecture program at Mississippi State University, I really do not desire to get involved in even more moral ambiguity.

The questions of right and wrong were answered thousands of years ago and solidified in our Constitution. The purposes of continuing to debate moral issues that are long solved is MOOT. But, it shall continue...

CaptiousNut said...

But what if your kid need a an expensive swine flu shot or he'd die...

And both you and his mom were earning minimum wage with no healthcare???

Is it wrong to steal the medicine?

Paul Mitchell said...

Yes, stealing is wrong under any circumstance. Here's the solution.

Knock, knock on farm house door.

"'Scuse me Mr. Farmer, but my kid needs medicine and I have no money to purchase it. May I help you out for a couple of days so my kid doesn't die?"

Problem solved.

(Of course, it helps it you remove the face tackle and hide the tattoos and smart phones before you knock on that door.)

Anonymous said...

those harvard your elitists will be ruling your azz and your kidz.

all this sidetalk blah blah is going no where.

Its a giant pyramid scheme out there. It doesn't matter how you get to the top layers of the pyramid, they are always the smartest any way you look at it.

Its usually granted if u went to harvard, you will end up at top layers if u so wish.

Now, you homeschool your kids and teach match/science, may be they become rocket scientists. They invent something/earn or even make lot of money from own business. Where do they eventually keep the money or who do they give it io ? These same same harvard morons.

And they will make sure you are the moron, as seen oevr the last 10-20 years. The american public, anybody below the top-layers of the pyramid are the morons.

You work your ass off, or innovate/business, and fuel the financial bubble blowing.

Its designed like that.

Now, tell me u still want to be a slave.? or join the harvards of the world and become "money manager" at top firms. Thats simply the best.

The close to money, your work is or your companys, the higher the layers on pyramid you go.

Paul Mitchell said...

The above comment reminds me of this.

CaptiousNut said...


Harvard people DO NOT have all the money in this country.

It's Wall Streeters - mostly people who grew up in the NY area, many of whom are *borough people* by birth.

One thing about the system that you might be hinting at...

It plucks the most promising people from society, people who might otherwise become *revolutionaries* and confers status and accolades on them - thereby neutralizing potential threats. They naturally become apologists and defenders of the system.

Anonymous said... my post again, this time without prejudice, you might learn something.

i remember one interview where buffet was asked what would he do(career) if he were just starting out now. "Money Management" he says, "theres no career that trumps that"

you get that? you either choose to be a slave or live like a king.

now tell me any career in this world, where u could make ~300K starting out as associate in 3 years after graduation. Doctors/lawyers dont make that kind of money, and and at same time get to learn how to harvest it again. you make money in learning/working how to make money.

now, getting back to my previous msg about cnut's post, i was just saying establishment is there for a reason. For eg, you home school and dont send u kids to harvard.

and they learn/become the best all at home, and apply for job or even loan/business, and somebody else from harvard competes, now majority of the time (80-90%?) of the time they pick harvard guy.

in other words, there are pyramid schemes all around us. You either choose to play it, or fight it and feel stupider later anyways.

There might some heroic tales somewhere, but the average experience is pretty typical.

you want to be a hero? or evolutionarist? Meaning, you have the wisdom to accept bigger-than-life forces as they are, sometimes, to win.

CaptiousNut said...


For people like Buffet who worship money, yes, at the moment there is no better career choice than *money management*.

I used to worship money....until I made a little, lost it several times, and had met a large enough sample of screwed-up *rich* people.

The best, most rewarding jobs are *productive* - ask Martin Sheen (Wall Street movie)!

Paul Mitchell said...

Anon-ie, I reread your comment as well as your last one. My comment stands.

Anonymous said...

cnut, I agree. Some people(martin sheen in that movie, which by the way u could tell its one of my favorites) are not born with that kind of "capacity".

Yes, it is 100% "capacity" thing. I come from a school of thought that says there is no such thing as good or evil in gods creation (i call it "nature"). we have to find a balance. Be able to look at any atrocity, for eg, and instantly see beyond/understand, instead of feel the mood-swing to the negative extreme. There is no such thing as artificial in truest sense.

so i guess the question is, can you adapt to the giant ponzi pyramid larger-than-life force, and still find peace with you? are you going to run away from it? or understand/adapt/use to become harmonial? ok i repeat, there is no such thing as evil or bad. Its just point of view. just ask osama about US and US abou osama, and china about osama or russia.

for paull :)
i would pay to see paul's handling of his friends twitter msgs :)

ok, first a confession. english is not my mother tongue, though i did all my education in english.

I did score 640 on toefl, and got pretty decent verbal score in GRE when i took it more than a decade ago. And got admissions to some pretty decent masters programs here in the US. (actually i applied for 6 univs, all of them gave admission; I felt bad i didn't keep my bar high enough)

i spend lot of hours daily reading on the net, and believe my reading skills are pretty good. On the other hand, my writing skills, i dont get to practice that much.

If i were diligent, i believe i could satisfy Paul's policing. I cant write a novel or a book, though.

been trying to take cnut as motivation for starting my own blog, hasn't happened so far.

Anonymous said...

Paul M,

If you come knocking on my door, you might want to make sure the Obama or McCain sticker has been removed from your vehicle. Otherwise, the pigs might be eating well...:)

Paul Mitchell said...

Kfell, I begrudgingly voted for McCain, there was no one else for which to vote.

And Anon, no sense in paying, my Twitter is out there for everyone to see.

CaptiousNut said...

Shame on you Paul Mitchell...for voting for McCain!

There was no theoretical plus-side to him.

The plus side to the other guy (what do you call him, "Zebra-Jesus"?) is....well, what precisely happened! Even if nothing substantial will really change next year in the *alternation* of Congressional power.

Conservatives are nothing but serfs on the Republican plantation - they get thrown bones (Cheney, Palin, etc.) once in a while. And they (Rush people) delude themselves that they can one day take over a party that's inherently disposed (on account of only one competitor) towards *triangulation* and *farsightedness*.

I still can't help but feel that McCain was a strategic nomination from the Republican powers-at-be. Perhaps they didn't want the wheel of an obviously sinking ship?

Abstain or write-in C-Nut next time!

Paul Mitchell said...

I thought the same thing when the Republicans nominated Bob Dole to run against Bill Clinton. The fact that the Republicans had to search far and wide to find a candidate that was worse than Clinton made me think like you do.

Yes, The McCainiac was a terrible pick, but I think that rank and file Republicans thought that no one could lose to Zebra Jesus. Believe me, I was stunned that they were wrong. With a President McCainiac we would not have had this turn over, either, so maybe you are right.

CaptiousNut said...

But the establishment had waaaaay better choices this time.

They threw Romney and Rudy under the bus - two guys that were far more marketable and also sufficiently on the illiberal side.

Paul Mitchell said...

I think that we can all agree that Romney is unelectable except in the Northeast. Same with Rudy. Something about that killing babies makes normal people squirm.

CaptiousNut said...

I disagree. Romney was sharp, had good hair (a huge factor in elections), and looked presidential at least.

McCain looked like a crazy guy from a municipal golf course or a typical know-it-all uncle. Plus he was a villain of his party's base, nearing the mid-70s,...

Romney was only unelectable in theory.

McCain proved he was unelectable!

Paul Mitchell said...

The reason The McCainiac looked that way is because he IS that way. Wonder why he has gone all normal since he got beaten by the worst candidate in recent Democrat history?

He would even have another chance at the nomination too, if he could shut his trollop daughter up...