Thursday, December 09, 2010

Another Over-Achieving Homeschooled Kid!

According to this article - Danny Woodhead of the New York Jets New England Patriots was homeschooled up until high school.

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Anne Galivan said...

Tim Tebow is undoubtedly the most famous home-schooled professional football player, but the trailblazer was Jason Taylor, the phenomenal defensive end who played over 10 years for the Dolphins.

He was actually "discovered" by a high school football coach who saw Jason working on his neighbor's lawn. He stopped and asked him why he didn't play football. Jason's response was "because I'm home-schooled."

The coach worked it out so he could play at the high school.

After his freshman year his college football scholarship was revoked because he was home-schooled. The Home School Legal Defense Association took his case and worked it out for him to be able to play. Jason Taylor's case resulted in the NCAA revising its policies concerning home-schoolers. Plenty of home-schoolers playing college sports now. And there are probably more of them in professional sports than anyone realizes too.

CaptiousNut said...

Thanks Anne. Fascinating story about Jason Taylor.

I do faintly recall you mentioning that to me before - I just can't remember if it was over email or in a comment thread.

Taylor certainly belongs in the Homeschool Hall of Fame - even if he's never beaten my Patriots.