Saturday, December 18, 2010

A New Workout Strategy?

Start this video on the 50 second mark:

Would you believe that a man of my physique(!) had never heard of kettlebells until today?

I'm reading Tim Ferriss' new book - The Four Hour Body. And in it he hails *kettlebells* as an extraordinarily effective (and efficient!) way to lose weight and gain muscle - all the way down the posterior core but particularly in the abs.  And he recommends them for women probably more than men!

Now I'm not near done reading his book or even the section on *gaining muscle* but I'm definitely going to run out and get me some of 'dem kettlebells.

They do look expensive (over $100) so I'm going to scour Craigslist and whatnot for deals. I need to get some lighter ones for my first wife and I also have to figure out what weight levels to start myself at. He said men should start at 44 lbs but I just saw some some chick on YouTube flipping an 88 pounder. So I might have to start at 89 lbs...

There's a whole lot more in the info-packed 592 page tome about food (do I really have to eat cod liver oil?), sleep, satisfying your life partner, etc. and I'm itching to read the rest in between familial distractions.

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Anonymous said...

u may find this interesting

Tim Ferris Interview at mixergy

Anonymous said...

did you ever do p90x? this is similar basics - kettle ball is just more comfortable hex weight - or do the 300 work out. awesome core work.

CaptiousNut said...

I've done some of the P90x workouts but not all of them.

These days I pretty much cobble together a bunch of exercises which is mostly yoga, a few karate kicks, breathing exercises, and a tiny bit of 10 lb dumbbell stuff.

I'm looking to ramp it up though as I've plateaued. I'm looking exactly for what he promises in the book - the most effective and time efficient way to get leaner and stronger. The book is truly awesome. I can't put it down and even got yelled at by my first wife tonight for reading it at the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

both of them are strong.