Friday, June 05, 2009

Coddling Criminals

Someone my wife knows also had a death in their family last week.

But this woman, she and her husband DID NOT take their 6 year-old son to the wake, funeral, or burial of his grandmother.

I asked, and it was confirmed, that the child knew his grandmother well and she was geographically close.

This couple just thought it would be too emotional or too dramatic for their son to see his grandmother in a coffin - I guess.

My wife was trying figure out why they might have done this, what the possible justification could be.....when I stopped her in her tracks. This coddling was beyond ridiculous; I didn't want to hear it.

It's bad enough that Morons spoil their kids, don't teach them to work, etc.

BUT sheltering a child from the REALITY of life and death???


Coach G said...

Hey, I have a 6 yr old granddaughter and was just about whipped for mentioning that a little boy drowned when he got to close to the river and slipped in. seems to me you would want your kid to know that even if it was a little "scary". Oh by the way NOTHING is ever the kid's fault

Taylor Conant said...

Ha... seems to say a lot about the psychology of the parents. Maybe a weepy child is all they'd need to get pushed over the edge themselves, so they are trying to avoid it.

I bet they're public schoolers who detest homeschooling because it "shelters" the child and doesn't give them a "realistic" social view of the world.

Orion said...

I am with you-what a crock. DO they say the cat ran away or moved when it does too?

CaptiousNut said...

No, when the goldfish dies, they run like h*ll to the pet store to purchase a clone too!

What movie was that?

Was it Poltergeist where the little kid caught the mom *flushing* a croaked pet?

CaptiousNut said...


They say the cat/dog went *upstate* to a *farm where they could run*!