Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Done!

It took me 12 months, but I've concluded reading a study bible - cover to cover - all 2,177 pages of microscopic font!

This book was not exactly a page-turner, but reading it (with application!) is certainly a *game-changer*.

Not much blogging this week, huh?

This has to be the least amount of time I've spent on the computer in at least five years.

So my camping trip was, additionally, a much needed vacation from y'all!

Or was it vice versa?

Anyways, I have plenty to say, on the Bible, and also on my regular *mundane* topics next week when I catch my breath. We're driving home tomorrow morning.

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DU said...

I'm curious if you actually read the entire Bible or the shortened version after 1611.

Also, the thought just crossed my mind. Do you think an unedited version exists?

CaptiousNut said...

I have no idea if that tome I digested was *abridged*!

As I study the Bible more I guess I learn about all the different versions and whatnot.

I've picked up other Bibles....and put them down. So the fact that I made it all the way through that one is a compliment to it.

DU said...

One thing that amazes me about your blog is the religious innocence. You speak plainly, without any attempt to protect any intellectual or emotional investments.

Trying to explain what I mean would be similar to trying to explain to your 4.75 year old what it means to be overly self conscious while walking down a hallway in highschool. He'll likely have to experience it to understand it completely.

If some freshman doesn't have a clue that toilet paper is stuck to his shoe or his fly is down it's likely going to cause him difficulty at some point. On the other hand, those individuals that can't take a step without constantly processing everyone's opinion of them are out of balance as well.

I like that middle ground in talking politics and religion. However, I usually end up over sensitive to other's unabashed oversensitivety. For instance, if I questioned someone's version of the Bible, they would feel as though I had attacked their faith foundation. So I have to be creative in trying to get them to actually think about it without them freaking out.

I hope my analogy hasn't just muddied the water. To most sincere Christians there are real serious issues for them in regard to their faith and practice as the freedom to homeschool your child is to you and myself.

To those who have not become so infected by relativism to care about truth, two mutually exclusive beliefs cannot both be true. One is and one isn't. So, either the Bible has 66 books that are canon or it has 73. Which is true?

Regardless of how you take all of this, I rejoice that you would read any of the books of the Bible, because I believe they are actually God's words to us.

Oh well, reading your blog has been great fun. Thanks for allowing me to observe your captiousness in all things.