Monday, June 29, 2009

More Landlord Recklessness

I just heard that my landlord totaled his *hot rod* convertible.

Apparently he went off the road and was actually ejected out of the vehicle. Must have been due to that unreliable, unused seat belt!

Supposedly he got banged up pretty bad, but is walking about only 2 days later.

I half think he may have tried to crash the car intentionally for the insurance money.

On that note, I admit that when we go away on vacation and whatnot, I no longer inform the Moron for fear that I'll come home to a house that was hit by *lightening* - if y'all know what I mean.

Remember his mortgage(s) are twice the market value of this house I rent.

AND, for the record, let's just say his ethnicity is completely OPPOSITE to the one normally associated with the *lightening* aspersion.

For the humorous background on his car and whatnot, see:

Update - My Moronic Landlord.

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