Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crazy Broad Clutter

How bleepin' maddening is it to try to find something in your *life partner's* purse?

Her phone is ringing....or you're trying to find the car keys....BUT YOU CAN'T.

There's all this SH*T in there you have to rummage through - and you do so 5 times unsuccessfully.

My wife even tells me *where* to look and it doesn't help.

These purses have pockets within pockets, within pockets. AND, the black liner camouflages everything.

I can't be better than 1 for 300 in my lifetime sifting through Mrs. C-Nut's purse.

The absolute worst is, 2 minutes later when I am at my wit's end, she comes over, reaches in, and grabs the hidden item with SURGICAL PRECISION.

THEN, inverting justice, she cusses me out!

I know. I know. I know.

Us superficial men wouldn't even look at an *unaccessorized* chick with no-makeup - nor would we care much for one who wore loose carpenter jeans for the pocket space.

But still, as a species they need to de-clutter a bit.


Taylor Conant said...


The best part is, they load it up with 50lbs of junk and then ask if you could carry it later in the day because they're tired and their shoulder is sore!

Oh, I'm sorry, did I leave my weightlifting equipment in your purse again? No, didn't think so.

CaptiousNut said...

Lipstick (or gloss), keys, and a drivers license....that's about all a chick has ever dared ask me to carry.

But I sure wish I had a pic of you holding some broad's purse!

"It's EUROPEAN!"....

[Seinfeldian allusion]

Funny Circus Bears said...

I have never held a purse nor looked through one. Ever.