Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Lucky Headlight

Friday night we were out boozing with a large group of Desperate Housewives and Bored Wage Slave Husbands.

The bar was only two miles away - by design, mind you - but I volunteered to drive home six stranded people additional to me and my wife. Chevy Suburbans are the best!

Of course I was legally drunk (but THEY were absolutely wasted); and of course the cops were all over our suburban neighborhood, as they are every weekend night, looking for *legally drunk* drivers.

In fact I went right past one laying in the bushes on my way to dropping off a bunch of these Housewives.

Nothing happened. And I took the long way back to avoid him.

But the next morning I noticed that I had a headlight out. Crap, I thought, boy did I get lucky. All they need is an excuse to pull you over.

I miss Philly where everyone on the road is drunk and no one cares.

It's total BS what they do here in tight-a$$ Massachusetts because you can't even get a cab home.

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