Sunday, June 07, 2009

Prison Break

The high school graduation season is upon us. Locally, there were parties everywhere this weekend - and I'm talking about the post-ceremony ones thrown by the *proud* parents.

Such boisterous fanfare merits our contemplation.

What exactly is everyone so happy and proud about?

These kid haven't learned sh*t. I really feel like taking my camera down to one of these graduation queues and quizzing the Morons on stuff like, "What's a 15% tip on a $72 tab?"

Or, "Do you have any idea how much college next year is really going to cost?"

I remember once quizzing one of my wife's young employees about how much Boston College had cost his parents. He didn't know. I pressed, "Well, do you think it was around $10,000 or say $60,000 per year?" And he still, couldn't even hazard a guess!

Getting back to high school graduation....

I can't even remember if my parents threw me a party. If they did, it was small, mostly family and their friends, and I'm sure I bolted right quick.

Don't get me wrong; it is great cause for celebration. I remember being jacked at the prospect of *prison break* for years on end. And the ultimate release met every expectation and then some.

But happiness ought not to be confused with accomplishment.

For the record, I skipped my college graduation ceremony. Yes, I did deprive my parents of that *joy* and have never felt bad for doing so.

After all, they only paid $11,000-$15,000 or so total of my $90,000 college education!

Personally, I paid around $20,000 in cash and loans. And the rest was paid by the *wealthy* via subsidies and redistribution.

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