Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Everything's Messed Up

A friend just sent me the above pic with the following caption:

Recently Michelle Obama went to serve food to the homeless at a government funded soup kitchen.

Cost of a bowl of soup at homeless shelter: $0.00 dollars

Having Michelle Obama serve you your soup: $0.00 dollars

Snapping a picture of a homeless person who is receiving government funded meal while taking a picture of the first lady using his $500 Black Berry cell phone:


Whatever about the Blackberry....

I had more of a problem with the *homeless* getting expensive pecans on their *glory muffins*.

AND them getting MUSHROOM RISOTTO!!!

I actually asked my wife to make me her wonderful risotto just this week and she refused. It takes a lot of work to slave over that pot, stirring, adding wine, broth, cheese, and whatnot.

It's hardly fare for peasants!


Paul Mitchell said...

Here's Barry and some more Crackberry. Look out! Six hour round, here we COME!

(By the way, my spammer word was "ounce." I think Google is giving us searches in the spammer code now.)

Taylor Conant said...


Maybe he is nouveau homeless?

CaptiousNut said...


Thanks for the link. Have to put it on my golf blog!

Paul Mitchell said...

It looks like Obama missed his calling as a contractor for a hot tub installation company. The "S" on his wedge stands for "shovel."