Friday, June 05, 2009

Princess Update

I've copiously documented the homeschooling adventures, and progress, of my son so it's only fair that his sister gets a mention.

She's still young. Princess C-Nut only turns three next week.

So we're working mostly on her *letter work* - on recognition, what sounds they make, and what words start with "S", with "B", etc.

This isn't much more than many parents are doing at this age.

Only I'll ramp it up considerably as the basics are mastered.

Often now, my 4.5 year old son and I spend a full 2 hours per day doing math!

For my daughter, I plan on sticking with the Kumon books my son has been using. Though, admittedly, I'm not at all looking forward to teaching my daughter how to write letters and numbers. It was torturesome experience with the Prince and he still HATES handwriting sentences and whatnot. AND, I'm not even convinced that writing is all that important in this day and age.

Now, has she been getting neglected while I tutor my son?

Of course she has.

Will she suffer for it?

Time will tell. But I doubt it very much. While she may have had less undivided attention in the early going than my son received, Princess will instead get the added benefits of an older sibling; and she'll have the advantage of a more seasoned homeschool parent.

And, will I push her as hard as I currently push my son?

You betcha!

(But only if she responds as favorably as the Prince does to a sharp boot in the pants.)

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