Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Least Masculine Beer Ever?

I saw this in a store last week. Unbelievable. Pomegranate raspberry, low carb, light beer?

Someone tried to explain to me that, "It's for chicks."

NO. Regular Michelob Ultra is for chicks - though I freely admit to drinking it.

But I have to - to maintain my figure.


Mayfield said...

Try this.


west coast beer drinker said...

stone brewery is the bomb.

CaptiousNut said...

I am not a dark beer drinker.

I drink Mich Ultra, Peroni, Bud, Yuengling, Corona, and that's about it at the moment. I can tolerate Heineken but not Amstel Light or Miller Lite. I won't touch Sierra Nevada nor Sam Adams products. The *politics* of Sam Adams Co. is off-the-charts communist - last I checked.

I'm not a fan of draft beer or pouring it into a glass either.

Going to school in Philly, my first beer was Rolling Rock. Though, I tasted so much of it *on the way out* that I could never go back.

That brew also has a strong odor. Give it a whiff and you'll see what I mean.

Oh yeah, I like Zima too!

Anonymous said...

ZIMA! Seriously? You could get an Azz kicking up here in the sticks if caught dead with that stuff. Head for the Mts. of Busch beer in the sticks. You can't go wrong.

I was working with a guy from Leo-Minster (yes I would purposely mispronounce this POS town) and the guy was a total boob. He was trying to tell me they took Zima off the market because people who drank it could not fail a breathlizer test. Once the authorities found out they force the company to change the recipe or take it off the market. The guy was a typical masshole so I didn't want to waste my breath.
The old lady bought the variety pack of Sam the other day and I tried the Blackberry Witbier. It was not to bad. Have you tried Heineken Light? This is another favorite of the old lady that I can tolerate...

CaptiousNut said...

Yeah, Zima's kinda weak alcoholically.

I can drink like five of them!

Don't let that Sam Adams in your house. Do I have to do a post on those uber-communists?