Tuesday, June 02, 2009

See, Most Learning Comes At Home!

Just got this text message:

I was at [my son's] last day of school. Each kid shows what they learned in front of the parents. One girl learned how to rhyme. So the teacher asked what rhymes with 'cat' and she said 'hat'. Then she said what rhymes with 'door' and the girl said 'WHORE'! Hahahahha wish I had it on video.

Me too!

Note these kids were part of a Head Start program - so I believe they were just 5 years of age.

Doesn't this remind y'all of the infamous joke with Leroy using the word *dictate* in a sentence? I'll email it to interested parties.

Heck, that *joke* might not even be fictional.

Oh boy, I may have to pre-emptively close the comment section on this one....


Anonymous said...

dictate one of the best jokes...


Taylor Conant said...

Oh come on now, C, this is a family blog!

Also, did ya hear the one about the two guys and the rattle snake bite?

CaptiousNut said...

Email it to me. Thanks.