Tuesday, June 02, 2009

GM - Insiders Take

The layoffs at General Motors have been going non-stop for a few years now. Amazingly, I still have two family members that work there (in management).

I asked one the other day how much these labor cutbacks have had an effect on product quality.

GM_Employee - Not at all....our products are looking great right now. We have so many people making six figures that do nothing all day - when they show up that is. They have no degrees, and just put a bolt in, or are *engineers*....There was a time around the year 2000 where *Generous Motors* just started giving raises across the board. These people are in their 50s and have a totally different work mentality than the younger generation.

Note - yesterday GM filed for bankruptcy.

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Anonymous said...

Put these guys in charge of GM. If they can do this with sheep, they can turn around GM!