Saturday, June 06, 2009

Marginalizing My Nephew

Last week or so, my 13/14 year old nephew asked me if I could get him a discount on a computer.

"I don't know," I snapped, accurately sensing incoming nonsense. These punks are always scamming to *get something*.

"I guess, your aunt can get you a 10% discount at Dell through her work. Why?"

Nephew - Because I want to buy a laptop. Can she get a discount at Apple?

CaptiousNut - No.....why?

Nephew - I want a Mac.....It costs LIKE $1,000.

CaptiousNut - First of all, why do you need a Mac? This computer I am using right now (a Sony) costs $600.

Nephew - Macs are better....they don't get viruses.

[Mind you, that was coming from a kid who's helped ruin a bevy of computers his grandfather had bought for him and his siblings. They all died because of spyware (from games) and viruses (from file sharing).]

CaptiousNut - How much money do you have right now?

Nephew - I have $500. Can you get me the Mac and I will pay you the rest after my birthday?

CaptiousNut - Let met get this straight, assuming somehow, someone gives you $500 for your birthday (which was total, rank BS by the way), you want to spend every penny you have on a laptop?

I terminated the conversation there because the inanity had passed my tolerance threshold.

We all have Moronic nephews. They are allowed to be somewhat flighty at that age. But still, 14 year olds used to be itching for their own acreage; itching to sever the yoke of paternal authority and strike out on their own; itching for a bride. Heck, for thousands of years these *young men* contributed financially to the household AND fought in wars!

Now, they are shiftless nothings. They are lazy, disrespectful, entitled, and profoundly clueless about the planet they live on.

Of course, it ain't their fault. We have to blame their parents and the Baby Boomers who raised them.

AND, to be fair to these culprits....their negligence was a direct symptom of the *times*. This country got so wealthy that it stopped working, stopped growing, and stopped innovating.

Instead, it opted for consumption and redistribution....and wanton self-amusement.


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