Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marginalizing Collar-Phobes

So, again, we were out the other night with a bunch of our suburbanite neighbors.

We were at a bar one town over geographically, but a town whose household tax returns are almost *one third* of the one that we live in.

As the band ramped up and the bar filled in, one guy, on the periphery of our group, remarked to my wife:

DelusionalSnob - We're kind of slumming it tonight, huh?

Now, my wife, despite being a princess of Nassau County pedigree, she was absolutely disgusted at that remark.

I had a lighter take.

You see, this guy, HAS NO BASIS for an ego. So who the heck is he to look down on anyone?

What I mean is that he isn't *independently* wealthy, he went to a nothing college, is bereft of personality and probably of friends, and I don't know of anything that he's good at.

In my book, you have to be good at something, say golf, picking up broads, making jokes, blogging, successful in your work, etc. to have even the rough foundation for snobbery.

And, as my wife pointed out, this clown ISN'T EVEN FUN to hang out with.

Generally speaking, I have no love for, no tolerance for *delusional snobs*. If that guy thought that was slumming it, then what does he think about the even slummier city where I grew up - where most of my family still lives?

Heck, his wife is essentially from the same area!

The fact is, very few of us are so far removed from humbler beginnings that we can condescend on anyone.

And most of us are just a short string of bad luck away from being broke ourselves.

Now, on the other hand....

I've met plenty of *blue-collared* people who similarly can't deal with the wealthier set. And they usually mask their unease with scorn and derision as well.

Regardless, any man that judges another based upon looks or wealth is no man at all.

I hang out with all collars - even green!

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Well said.

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