Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Down With The Ship!

Boston Globe unions did not ratify the wage concessions demanded by parent New York Times. This failure, supposedly, will result in an immediate 23% pay cut across the board:

"People understand that things are going horrendously, the paper is losing money and there have to be concessions, but people don’t feel that the company tried very hard to make the concessions more palatable or equitable," said Scott Allen, a Globe reporter. "I’m voting no. Even people who you would think can’t afford to put their mortgages at risk are voting no."

Now, who amongst y'all ever thought Globies rational or cognizant of their own self-interest?

My hand certainly ain't up.

And man, which banks were Moronic enough to write mortgages for newspaper employees?

I sure hope they were justly charged *subprime* rates!

See also - Comeuppance Imminent?.


Funny Circus Bears said...

This surprises you?

You seem unaware that the primary, indeed only, purpose of unions is to bleed their hosts to death and then pick over the carcass. If your union is properly connected, ownership of the carcass will even be handed to you.

Anonymous said...


So when do the taxpayers get their money back on this stimulus...Look at this chart!