Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worshipping Birds, Subordinating People

Last week while camping I met some residents of Plymouth, Massachusetts. That's a coastal town about 40 minutes south of me - and, of far lesser significance, it's where the Mayflower landed.

These guys and gals complained to me that they couldn't utilize their town beach on account of the *piping plover*, a bird. Of course I had to google this potential blog material:

Plovers Will Close Long Beach to Vehicles

PLYMOUTH — A pair of federally protected piping plovers has built its nest near Ryder Way, the dirt road that connects the Plymouth Beach parking lot with the rest of Long Beach. Once eggs in the nest hatch, the town will ban recreational vehicles beyond the lot reserved for day parking. (Information initially received said the Crossover was being closed immediately.)

Residents who have homes farther out on the beach will still be allowed to travel through the area, but only at certain times of the day and with an escort.

The ban will eliminate all recreational vehicle access to the Crossover, the passage through the barrier beach’s rock spine that allows cars to cross from the road onto the bayside beach, and points beyond.

The town announced plans for the closure Friday, just two weeks after the Crossover opened for the 2009 summer season. Acting Town Manager Melissa Arrighi said the town warns that access might be restricted when residents purchase $35 Long Beach stickers. She said the town is nonetheless looking for a way to offer rebates because this closure may be unusually long.

The length of the closure will depend on when the chicks hatch and when they fledge. Because plovers nest on the ground and lead their tiny hatchlings across the sand to the shoreline to feed, vehicles pose a threat not just to the nest and its eggs but to the hatchlings as well until they learn to fly, which takes about six weeks after the eggs hatch.

Now, what exactly is the benefit to living a beach town if residents can't even enjoy THE BEACH?

You get the freezing coastal winter and you're cut off from the rest of the world....as it stands, it's bad enough that the summers are so short here in New England.

These Plymouth residents informed me that the bird isn't even *endangered* and that the *whole town* has this bumper sticker on their cars:

They characterized, repeatedly, that the whole thing is so bad, so ridiculous, and a *complete joke*.

But later on, from discussing a different subject, it was revealed to moi that these folk were all unionized government workers; and that they all mindlessly pull the level for the statists who've made *environmentalism* a state-sanctioned religion.

This is the Massachusetts I've lived in for much of my life - a land were Morons incessantly, and vehemently, complain about the BS they themselves voted for.

This is Massachusetts - the *most educated* state in the nation!


west coast tom. said...

I wanted to make this comment on a post I know no one will read - hahaha. How's the trading going these days? In the market at all? I'm back contemplating the prop. trading gig again...

CaptiousNut said...

Haven't made a trade in quite a while.

Riding out the shorts. Hoping to get a third of what I lost back.

I really wish I had some dry powder....

Day trading biz has probably never been better than the past 12 months - if one could stay relatively flat.

west coast tom. said...

that's what I'm thinkin' too. Probably won't make a move until the fall (sell in may, go away).

Anonymous said...

the pilgrims landed on cape cod first, then went to plymouth.