Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Scandinavian Almond Cake

You'll spend 5 minutes making this thing....and after you taste it you'll be looking back at the minimal ingredients and wondering how it tastes so darn good!

Spray loaf pan with Pam or Cooking Spray

Beat well: 1.25 cups sugar, 1 egg, 1.5 teaspoons of pure almond extract (not the generic kind), 2/3 cups milk.

Add: 1.25 cups flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, and 1 stick of melted margarine butter (melt it in 1 minute in the microwave).

Mix well (that means with the electric mixer also!).

Bake at 350 for 40 - 50 minutes. Edges must be golden brown. Cool in pan before removing. Cake will break if removed too soon. Sprinkle top with confectionery sugar.

It'll be interesting to see who makes this for their *modern* girlfriend first - West Coast Tom or Taylor!

Though seriously, this dish, there's never any left. I once had to lick the plate because I was slow on the draw. The ratio between taste and effort is off the charts here.

And yes, I understand that with this post, Marginalizing Morons has entered broken new, perilous ground. Let 'em fly boys.


west coast blues. said...

Bro, I think it is going to be Taylor. My gf and I are on the rocks...always arguing, seldom talking and no...(looks like sox). Her birthday is the 10th of this month and I'm still considering whether I should bother to get her anything at all...never a good sign for a relationship.

Underthelittlethings said...

One word: butter. Replace the margarine with butter. I say this as a professional baker of good repute.

CaptiousNut said...

Yes, I did use butter today. Albeit it was salted.

Should have used unsalted, right?

CaptiousNut said...

West Coast Blues,

Sounds like you've got yourself a full-fledged......WIFE there!

Taylor Conant said...


How's this for modern: went ahead and made the damn thing for my whole family tonight!

My mom had made "Chicken Divine" (casserole dish) and the oven was already at 350 so I fired the mixer up and got to work. Had the batter done in about 5 mins. I, too, used butter, unsalted, yes. You never want to use salted butter when you cook because you can't control the salt content of your recipe if you do. Unsalted tastes creamier, too.

So, I baked it for about 50 mins in a glass pyrex dish, brought it out, cooled it for 10, dumped it upside down on a plate and gave it a light coating of powdered sugar. Here are my family's responses:

Oldest younger sis- "Delectable is an understatement!" (she quizzed me to make sure I would correctly quote her later on)
Middle younger sis- "This is amazing!"
Youngest sis- "I don't even like almonds."
Dad- mmmfffhhh mmmfffhhh
Mom- "I wish I wasn't on a diet, but the little bit I tried was great."
dog- sad, forlorn look for not being a human and recently having his poop discovered on a rug in the living room, so he was out of consideration for that offense anyway.

Truly a delicious, easy recipe, which are my favorite kind. The inside was the perfect mix of density and sponginess. The almond flavor added a nice, light nutty twist to the sweetness of the sugar, and the texture on the exterior was a superb crunchiness that added contrast and further enjoyment to the tastes and textures within the cake. Top it off with a beautiful golden brown colored crust... yeah, that's getting made again!

Thanks for the recipe!

CaptiousNut said...


It's *Chicken Divan*, I believe.

As for the almond cake, see, I wouldn't steer you wrong!

Your comments have become very well-articulated, precise, and logical as you get on in years, kid.

Only, you really shouldn't say *almonds....add a nutty flavor.*

I have more food tips that'll be let out in due time. Glad you enjoyed, and will contiune to enjoy the cake.

The girlfriend dumped ya, huh? I figured as much.