Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coming To America, Through Hoops, Still

I heard something weird the other day which I haven't been able to confirm.

I heard that foreigners (Indians?) were acquiring the requisite *DNA* from American couples, getting artificially inseminated, and birthing babies that technically had full-blown American citizenship.

Then, as the parents of such, the foreigners are able to LEGALLY move to America.

It's like....Mexi-Orwellian or something, no?

And it reminds me, I have an appointment for a deposit at the *bank* this week. Not to boast, but my fee is up to $1,600 per....and I only accept CASH MONEY.

Foreign buyers these days are very impressed with my son's math aptitude. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

how often do u deposit...this could be a passive cash flow.

so in theory, u might have some kids u dont know that are potentially residing in india?

few centuries back the muslim kings used to have harems to mass produce, in modern history this could be how u can spread u r seeds far...i guess.

and regarding india, dont flatter u'r self. People dont go that far just to come to US...there are lot easier ways...just ask the mexicans.

CaptiousNut said...


I didn't make this up.

Someone in the State Dept told my uncle about it.

And apparently there was a Wall Street Journal article on the subject recently.

Anonymous said...

i did hear some folks use poor/needy indian women as surrogates. This could be variation of that.

anything that has to do with in-vitro or dna/sperm is very expensive in indian rupees, even in india. I dont think indian average j6p can afford it. Its probably cheaper just fly one-way to mehico, and try your chances (1 in 4 or 5 Californians are illegal aliens, its that easy).

and getting greencard via family relation (parent of us citizen) is a VERY lengthy process to boot.

if it were not for those two reasons, u would be hearing a lot about this. (and congress would scramble to close the loophole)