Thursday, December 02, 2010

Soaring Little Girl!

Check out this blog post my daughter authored today.

I was sitting there playing chess with my son and she did this one all on her own.

She logged into her account and uploaded those pics from her personal pics file.

I'll bet 73% of 'old coots' couldn't do that.

Yet the Princess is only 4.47 years old!

Normally when we do a blog post, I write it out on paper, she types it up, and I upload the image for her.

Of course, she's been using the computer for quite some time now.

See - Another Great Activity For Kids.

I simply can't believe the number of parents who explicitly tell me that they *don't want their kid on the computer* for reasons X, Y, and Z. Mostly the excuses have to do with an irrational fear that their children will be *preyed upon* by a bogeyman they heard about on the color TV news.

But these same parents send their kids to school all day to be prodded from rectangle to rectangle like farm animals. These same parents allow their kids to be raised by agents of the government, strangers and know-nothing age-mates. And far more kids are sexually abused at schools than by online stalkers.

The computer/internet has been THE central part of my own life's education.

So I'd be a Moron not to make it a huge part of my children's.


Paul Mitchell said...

I think that you might be REALLY low on your percentage of old coots that could not do that. Old coots would want to print the photo and then try to figure out how to upload the print.

ChopperPapa said...

that's awesome!

SC said...

Teach her to use Linux and free her from the clutches of Microsoft/Apple. Hey, you'd have to find, download, and burn Linux to a CD, then install it on your own computer, then learn it yourself before you could teach her. Nevermind.

CaptiousNut said...


I'm trying to teach them to self-propel and self-educate...

So I can work on my short game.

Linux? I'm struggling with my Droid apps!