Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Great Activity For Kids

Check these pics out:

I just uploaded them all from my 4.91 year-old son, Prince C-Nut's *pics folder*.

For some time, he's seen dozens of pic folders on my desktop. And, we've been googling everything that comes up for quite a while now. So it was only logical that he get his own folder to contain his very own pics.

Yeah, there's a lot of *puke* and *poop* in there on account of how easy those words are to spell - plus, he's got quite the refined sense of humor!

But still, he's found plenty of educational images that have now been emblazoned in his memory. How didactically powerful is the web that it can instantly produce a visual of just about whatever we type in?

Just this week we had to create another folder on my crowded desktop - at the insistence of 3.33 year-old Princess C-Nut. It's absolutely incredible how ecstatic she is over her pics of dolls, rainbows, orphan Annie, a pic of her cast, AND even a mugshot of the orthopedist who put it on! Whatever she wants, right?

If you have kids, give this one a go, after all, you can't beat the price of a New Folder.

BTW, after less than a month, my son just finally made it all the way through that US map quiz. I never saw him jump so high!

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