Thursday, October 22, 2009

Regular Flu Shot - Fail!

This starts out slow, but gets better:

From the end of it:

In any business....imagine you had a product that EVERYONE would buy....and not only would they buy it, they would buy it EVERY SINGLE YEAR.


Mark said...

You're killing me...
some truth in what he saying but otherwise playing with numbers. You're listening too much to those panicked, alarmist surburban playground moms.
The facts are there (some mismatched years notwithstanding)
Not everyone needs the flu shot... in regular years, the young and healthy do fine
didn't most of us get the flu when we were younger?
In a potential pandemic, a once or twice in a generation event, those same people may well be more adversely affected
IF... you work in a hospital (can be a unwitting vector), are pregnant, have asthma, COPD, are immunocompromised, you need to get immunized for H1N1... period.
Understand I have yet to treat one flu patient with tamiflu since they didn't have severe disease... but we are potentially at the cusp of a more severe outbreak and do you want to be a 1-6% statistic?

CaptiousNut said...

I'm comfortable being an *outlier* on a multitude of fronts.

Are you comfortable going through life thinking and behaving like 95% of the, what did you call it in that prior post, the HERD???