Sunday, October 11, 2009

Math Monkey - An Edu-Franchise

A couple of months ago, I was thinking about those Kumon learning center franchises and how it might be a sound business idea for myself.

I thought I could open such a center, all on my own, but one that focused completely on math. It's almost axiomatic that starting an enterprise in competition with a government monopoly will get you rich - think Mail Boxes, Etc.

But then, while perusing through Entrepreneur magazine, I discovered that someone had already raised this idea to fruition. I saw an ad for Math Monkey.

Apparently, Math Monkey teaches a little Vedic Math - a subject I just learned about. See - Vedic Math?.

There doesn't seem to be too many Math Monkey franchises out there at the moment. But something like this could do very well in the future if something big happens - like we get a President and Congress smart enough to de-Federalize education!

Remember, there are millions of brats out there that need to be taught *something*; education would be an ENORMOUS BUSINESS full of profit potential if the jerks got out of the way.


Anonymous said...

That's a good idea, but I have a feeling that people would sooner spend their money on movies, cable tv, toys, video games, etc... Sadly.

CaptiousNut said...

I don't know.

Parents actually end up spending a boatload of money on education - even if most of it is on college.

But yeah, as graduates of the government school system, they are mostly Morons themselves. No argument there. said...

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