Monday, October 05, 2009

So, They Think They Can Dance

I posted one similar before. But I think I like this one better.

Pretty cute girl for that guy, eh?

Obviously he has what my wife charitably refers to as *fat-guy-personality*!

And it begs the question, or long-running debate in my household:

What do we see more of in terms of odd marriages?

Hot chicks settling for ugly dudes?

Or handsome men settling for unattractive women?

I'm not so sure anymore. What I'm witnessing now, in my mid-30s age group, is that men and women do undergo major changes in *attractiveness* over time.

The chunk-a-do dancing above may seem to have married up at the moment...

But in a few years, perhaps the cutie goes downhill after a kid or two....perhaps the dude starts eating Subway sandwiches, discovers yoga or BootyBallet, maybe even goes on to win a reality show, getting their 100k *extreme makeover*, etc....

And then he decides to flick away his once perky bride like a fingertip booger!

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