Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Funny

This week from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner:

"You can say now with confidence that the financial system is stable, the economy is stabilized....You can see the first signs of growth here and around the world."

Sure, Tim!

Growth in bankruptcies. Growth in government debt. Growth in *money supply*. Growth in unemployment. Growth in foreclosures. Growth in public anger!

These guys are all such pieces of worthless garbage.


Taylor Conant said...

Everytime I read him or see him I wonder, "Where did this asshole come from?"

Seriously. Where did this asshole come from? And don't link me to his Wiki. I am asking, where did this POS come from that is telling us what to do and how to run our lives? Who can proudly call themselves "Americans" while this slimeball walks all over them?

Check out my boy Bobby Wenzel on one of Timmy G's latest interviews with moneyslut Maria B:

CaptiousNut said...

I made it 70% of the way through the transcript of the interview before migraines arrived.

Geithner essentially said nothing - so it only warrants a nothing-response.

Obviously, Maria was, and is, not up to the task of interviewing people like him.

Taylor Conant said...



Glad you gave it a try, anyway. It's easy to (accurately) point out that most people gobble Timmy's nonsense up because they don't know enough to realize what they're hearing is voodoo subjective nonsense. The hard part is getting these same peasants to distinguish you as the honest one when the "Administration" retorts that their detractors are similarly economically challenged.