Friday, October 30, 2009

Grade 4 Math - Done!

We're still chugging here on the homeschooling front. Tonight Prince C-Nut finished the last of the Grade 4 Kumon Math books: Multiplication, Geometry, Decimals & Fractions, and Division.

Here's where the final book took us:

Click image to enlarge.

In Homeschooling Update - Grade 3 Division, I forecasted that we should be through Grade 6 math before Prince C-Nut was legally eligible for kindergarten (Sept 2010)...

But at this pace, we'll be done sixth grade mathematics by January. Perhaps it's time to slow down and branch out a bit, no?

I don't know how we are going to prevent this kid, or his sister, from giving me one heck of a *teaching ego*!

BTW, he keeps asking me *who is cap-is-nut?*. The nosy little dude keeps peering at my open browsers.

I haven't answered him, at all, on this one. As a rule I do not like to discuss my blog with live people. But I won't be able to hide it much longer from my literate and tech-savvy son.

Soon he won't just be a blog post subject; before you know it he'll be schooling Taylor on the folly of drug legalization and he'll be ribbing West Coast Tom over his love-life in the comment section!


Taylor Conant said...


Can't wait. If he can rub my nose in that one he'll be rubbing his nose in all liberty "theology" in general... guess what, they're all interconnected!

Pretty soon we'll have a real technocrat socialist dictator in charge that we can all trust to run our lives for us better than we can run them ourselves. Freedom is overrated. And so is the wisdom of old age.

He'll be ten when he's crowned Caeser!

Don't get too big an ego... relativism is the game of cowards and underachievers everywhere. You compare anyone to a standard that's so incredibly low to begin with (public education) it's hard not to blast right past it with your own achievements...

CaptiousNut said...

Comparing to *public education* a false comparison.