Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Burden of An Unlapsed, Life-Long Learner

I've spent several hours tonight exploring new blogosphere territory - mostly on the homeschooling front. Sometimes it's appropriate for me to *shut up* and get about my own education.

I've read so much on education/homeschooling recently that I think my head is going to explode.

For those of you I haven't ruined for the subject....

Check out Boston College's Peter Gray - a man who seems to have recently gained stock among the homeschooling set.

In particular, visit his article on the revolutionary Sudbury Valley School.

And, for you sterile, perma-bachelors readers out there....

On that same site I found a pretty funny article - The Mating Game Is A Team Sport.

Apparently, women are biologically programmed to talk their friends out of dating the *wrong dude*.

And on the other hand, men are biologically programmed to help their buddies couple (hook?) up!

At least that was my late-hour interpretation thereof. Click the link above.

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