Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Web Homeschooling

My kids, the 4.93 year old Prince C-Nut in particular, are all over my computer these days.

Here's just what we were playing with this evening:

As one might deduce, you drag the geometric figures down, rotate them, and try to squeeze them into the polygon at the bottom. Since this stuff is online and free....those popular tangible Tangrams needn't be bought.

Obviously, exercises such as these serve as good introductory geometry.

My son LOVES Egypt for some reason. We googled *egypt quiz for kids* and easily found exactly that.

And since the Prince has mastered the States....we're onto state capitals. He's picking them up fast and will probably know them all by the weekend. Do y'all know/remember the capital of Alabama?

Two points about the vast store of free educational resources online:

1) There's so much out there, I can't imagine how MUCH MORE will be there 3, 5, 10 years hence!

2) Some of the stuff is so good....it's going to make much of today's professional *educational world* obsolete - if it hasn't already.

For one final example, I just googled *teach me to read* and found a great website - Starfall.com. It starts with letters, and then phonics, and then full-out reading:

One clicks on a word....and the computer pronounces it!

Who needs an adult to teach them now?!?!?!

We could probably take a toddler, lock him in a cell with a computer limited to the best educational sites, slide mush under the door every morning for 15 years,....

AND he'd probably walk out a nuclear physicist!

[More ideally, he'd develop into a high order polymath.]

Although he might be somewhat anti-social, and ornery.

IMO, kids should be on the computer at age 2.5, or 3.5 years at the latest.


Paul Mitchell said...

I guess that I am smarter than a 4.93 year old because I already know the capitals. And since I live in Mississippi, I kinda know the one of Alabama by osmosis.

I think that you are doing a helluva job, dude. I just wish that I had the same tools when I was raising my kid.

CaptiousNut said...

It is easier now than ever. The web is the greatest boon for education - surpassing the printing press, Sesame Street, etc.