Monday, October 19, 2009

MRIs Suck

I was going to write on post on how much of a pain in the arse MRIs were....I googled *mris suck* and came across women complaining about the ordeal of getting their pair scanned.

So, alright, maybe having your tweaked knee MRI-ed for 40 minutes ain't as bad as lying face-down, exposed, in a couple of holes. I concede.

Though when that inept Moronic technician says they have to redo an image because *you moved*, when in fact you DIDN'T....that can really, REALLY piss you off!

The hardest aspect is keeping dead still when you are fresh off a severe injury TO THE PRECISE body part they need to examine.

I always joke with my wife that I am very good at getting scanned because I've practiced my whole life, for hours on end *not moving a muscle*!

She's an ants-in-the-pants scurrier who would probably have a very hard time in the tube.

My knee MRI went smoothly this weekend - except that I had to stare at a GE logo on the machine throughout. I'm still short that POS.

So later on this week we'll see who was right about my knee - me or my doctor.

Though, admittedly, I'm hoping to have been dead wrong on this one.

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