Sunday, October 11, 2009

Video Game Camp?

Can y'all believe that people spend $1,300 for a weekend of private video game tutelage from *all-stars*?

Read - So you think you're a gamer?

Gee, I wonder if these all-star gamers are a hit with the broads?

I doubt it.

Personally, I'd never endeavor to do anything in which national supremacy would get me the swooning of male dorks.


Taylor Conant said...


Are you saying there are some people on earth for whom not even alcohol can serve as an aphrodisiac?!

CaptiousNut said...

No, not here I'm not.

And I wouldn't characterize alcohol as an *aphrodisiac*.

It's an *uninhibitor*.

It can make someone punch another as easily as it can aid matchmaking.

All I was doing was taking a shot at these video game jocks - who seem to get celebrity money and endorsements,....but LOVE only from male geeks.