Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only Good For The Goose

While Big Government has been out there, doing its best to scare the nation about a *swine flu pandemic*, there was a glaring lack of example-setting in the Oval Office.

I read it just last week that President B. Hussein O. had yet to get his daughters vaccinated against the pig flu.

But today I came across this:

So the President answered his critics - for the time being anyway.

Two questions remain:

*Why won't Obama get the shot?*


*When will he and the rest of Congress send their children to DC government schools?*


Taylor Conant said...


Ummm, I distinctly remember e-mailing you a video of BO being interviewed by a CNN guy and dodging the question of will he vaccinate the BO fam.

Maybe he vaccinated them because they aren't his kids. If he can fake a birth certificate, he can fake being a parent! Let's get a DNA test!

Seriously though... maybe they just... I dunno... F'IN LIED about getting the kiddos vaccinated and injected them with a placebo so the girls wouldn't know any better. They lie about everything else all the time.

CaptiousNut said...

Alright, we don't need to call B. Hussein O. a *liar* - that was the childish tack they took on your boy, George Bush!

We can come at him on what he promises AND delivers.

Can't find that video in my inbox. Send it again if it's worthwhile.