Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogging For Cash?

Last year I came across some upstart, potty-mouthed trader blog which I highlighted in - What Happens Next?.

Apparently, the dude has taken his newfound fame and run with it. He's obviously *upgraded* his website:

And taken a page, quite literally, from Drudge!

So there's the stock market scuttlebutt on the left....and a linkfest of inanity, sophomoric humor, and crudity blanketing the rest.

This is precisely the sort of idea I brainstormed for myself, if I was ever going to try to make money from my blog and whatnot. After all, it's far easier to aggregate the work of others than to author.

This guy will probably do alright because what he's providing, a web *filter*, is what most harried and weary wage slaves demand. It's both daunting and inefficient to scour the bottomless pit of internet content on one's own. So why not outsource the tedium?

Though, I don't see any advertising on the site at the moment...

I don't know...maybe posting *hot chicks* and lewd language aren't so alluring to marketers???

[BTW, this is by no means the first attempt at out-Drudging Matt Drudge. I distinctly remember a homophobically-named site called *The Fudge Report* - which appears to have gone nowhere.]

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