Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Steal And Re-Sell...

The other day, in my SideWiki post, I mentioned that some site out there has copied my *entire* blog.

Here it is.

Right now, it appears they only have my *recent entries* up - my last 20 posts or something.

But I am sure the first time I saw it every post I ever wrote was reachable by moving that button on their site. I felt completely violated!

This is how that site self-describes:

Feedmil is a real-time feed search engine featuring spam-free, topic-focused search for a variety of live streams from blogs, microblogs, podcasts, as well as public and social media. Feedmil’s goal is to help people search feeds of their current interest in the most efficient and easiest possible way through the use of innovative technologies.

Feedmil improves the entire real-time feed search process. In the search interface, feedmil allows users to specify not only the query but also the popularity range of feeds, enabling them to serendipitously discover high quality but less popular feeds located in the long tail of feeds. On the search result page, feedmil gives a unique feed search experience that also emphasizes the freshness of content beyond just topical relevance.

Did y'all catch that?

They said *spam-free*.

In other words, if I put up ads on my site (or a *tip jar*) in an effort to get compensated for my labors, my readers could choose to weed them out via their site.

Now I'm a big boy and have been fully aware, since day one, that I could never completely control my content.

But still, I can't believe Google would allow such an egregious hijacking and *de-spamming* of THEIR content. Remember, Google owns

After all, as THE search engine, Google can probably put a hurting on any upstart by diverting traffic, legal challenges, etc.

At the moment, FeedMil is probably harmless. It appears to be some *VC start-up* that's, well, just hoping to turn over some new leaf, and get bought out by the likes of Yahoo, AOL, or Google!

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