Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marginalizing 24

If y'all remember, as DVR-ing folk we the Nut family can fall way behind on color TV serials. Point of fact, my wife didn't learn who won American Idol this year until a two full months after the live finale!

At the moment, she is still working her way through episodes of this winter's 24 - season 7.

I say 'she' because I stopped watching that ridiculous show a couple of years ago. It flat out stinks; I don't care what anyone else thinks on the matter - and I've heard plenty of people tell me that his past season was *very good*. Whatever. The second season, at the time, was excellent, after that it went straight downhill, IMNSHO.

Not only is the show horrible, it's peppered with nonsense like the following:

Never in my life has one of *my shows* crashed and burned as spectacularly this one.

I've been steadily net losing shows for some time now. If only I had the stones to banish the color TVs entirely from my house....

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