Sunday, October 11, 2009

Social Media - It Might Be Bigger Than Me Now

One just has to love the music, no?

Social media is that big?

I guess, eventually, I'm going to have to get on this Headbook thing....

I wonder if there is any merit to using it anonymously, as CaptiousNut. Thoughts anyone?

I posted a video similar to this back in February.

See - Interesting Video.

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Anonymous said...

Does size matter, I don't really know? To me the real question is what does it mean? Does it truly change the way we think? It would seem that home schooled kids would be considered MORE socialized, since so much online work is done at home. It does change the way people drive. I seem to pass more cars on the right side now since the driver is so engrossed in his/her texting or conversation online to use normal driving etiquette (ie. slower traffic on the right).