Friday, October 16, 2009

Mark Cuban - He Only Sounds And Looks Stupid

Rush Limbaugh recently tried to become a minority investor in an NFL franchise. Everyone got all hot and bothered....and he was booting out of the bidding process.

Mark Cuban, Aristotle that he is, weighed in:

The problem with Rush is that its his job to take on all of life’s partisan issues and problems. Not only is it his job to take on these issues and problems, its key to his success that he be very opinionated about whichever issues he feels are important to him and/or will cause his very large audience to tune in. Given that we will never know what the "next big issue" in this world that Rush will be discussing on his show is, its impossible for the NFL to even try to predict or gauge the impact on the NFL’s business if something controversial, or even worse yet, something nationally polarizing happens. There is an unquantifiable risk that comes with the size of Rush’s audience. The wrong thing said on the show, even if its not spoken by Rush himself, about a sensitive national or world issue could turn into a Black Swan event for the NFL.

Rush Limbaugh is going to SAY SOMETHING that will develop into a BLACK SWAN EVENT for the NFL?

A minority owner, for one team, will have the power to economically devastate the NFL with mere a movement of his lips?

Let's see...

NFL stars run dog-fighting rings (Michael Vick), they use steroids, they are aparty to murders (e.g. Ray Lewis), they can blow Super Bowls (Donovan McNabb with his 6 minute version of the 2 minute offense)....and yet the lumpen masses are out there the very next week, in the freezing cold, paying nosebleed prices, for the opportunity to cheer on their pagan heroes!

I think Cuban is waxing a bit hyperbolic here, if not outright lunatic.

And I won't even get into the delicious irony of the most colorful sports franchise owner we have seen in quite some time, pontificating on....well, you get the idea. Here's Sports Illustrated:

"The NFL isn't interested in having its own Mark Cuban situation, where [the Dallas Mavericks owner] is fined for something he said, but then pays the fine, moves on and doesn't care what he says the next time either. The league wants the focus to always be on the game, not the opinions of any particular owner."

I've written a few posts on the intellectually-incontinent Mark Cuban - click here.

It was interesting, humorous AND tragic to follow this whole Rush Limbaugh/NFL sideshow this past week.

The trivial battlegrounds Morons choose speak volumes on their character, or, I should say lack thereof.

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