Saturday, October 17, 2009

Typical, Crazy, Italian Woman!

My buddy down in Florida is about to baptize his daughter; so his 115% Italian family is en route from South Philadelphia. He writes:

My parents are flying in this weekend. The lunacy started two weeks ago. My mother is bringing her own coffee pot, her own parmigiano cheese, and two boxes of ziti (in addition to chicken cutlets and meatballs). This is all a little crazy, but when I asked, "Why are you bringing pasta?" She says, "I already have two boxes. It doesn't make sense for you to go buy more." I say, "The boxes cost $1.29. It doesn't make sense for you to pack them and bring them here." Her reply? "Well I already have them. You don't need to spend that extra money."

Oh, when [my brother] said he needed a haircut before the baptism on Sunday...My mother pressured him to do it before they left. When he said he'd get it done in Florida, my mother replied, "Are you sure they have hair cuts places [in Orlando]?"

Hah! Ain't nothing like toting all those foodstuffs ON AN AIRPLANE - although the *coffee pot* may be the most inane insane of the lot.

If memory serves me, I think my MIL once air-transported a crockpot of chicken soup from New York all the way to Charlotte on account of someone in my family having the sniffles.

Though I freely admit that I LOVE most all Italian women (Mrs. C-Nut is also 115% dago)....I find it curious that NONE of the purebred Italians I know opted for similarly ethnic spouses!

What's the Italian word for *enough*, is it "basta" or something?

[Actually it's abbastanza....but don't try to correct to any Italian-Americans!]

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