Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drowning In Email

I really look down upon those Morons who always have their head buried in their *smart* phones - at the park, in the library, on the train, AT THE BAR ON FRIDAY NIGHT, etc. If they are doing work it's one thing....but is another.

But unfortunately and reluctantly, I have recently joined their ranks.

My personal email inbox currently has 609 unread emails. And my CaptiousNut inbox is currently overflowing with 1208 unread messages.

So now when I'm away from my desk, taxiing my kids all over the place and whatnot, I've decided that I have to put down my books for a little while and stare at my Droid until I get my email under control.

Oh yeah, and even after some serious purging of blogs, I still have over 300 unread items in my Google Reader.

I kind of like the idea of mustering up the courage to declare email bankruptcy.

Essentially, you're supposed to simple delete everything in your inbox and perhaps even send out an email to everyone stating that you did just that! Any message that was THAT IMPORTANT in your inbox will in all likelihood be re-sent to you anyway - or so the theory goes.

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