Friday, October 01, 2010

Mice Again!

I just had a rather large mouse run past me in the garage.

Luckily, I have expertise now and a bunch of traps that made the move with me from Boston.

From one negligent slumlord to another (my MIL)!

For background, definitely revisit my prior posts, starting here - Mice Body Count - 13


Anonymous said...

what with you and mouses :)

do u watch "Man vs Wild" Bear Grylls ???

Paul Mitchell said...

This HAS to be a stock image you pilfered from the web.

Anne Galivan said...

Or get a cat. We have four outside cats and they enjoy the menu the outdoors affords them: moles, squirrels, birds, rats, mice. They steer clear of the possums and raccoons however.

CaptiousNut said...


Yes I do watch Bear Grylls. Even blogged on him a bit.


Yes, not my own photo. Recall I have a better one of a trap that killed about five at once.


My MIL is allergic to cats. She wouldn't be able to live here if I got a cat.

Ooooh....Hmmm...Wait a minute...