Friday, October 15, 2010

Droid Post...

Is it wrong to wander off from my son's Cub Scout meeting in search of blog material in the government elementary school?

UPDATE - I did take that pic in the school hallway and post that line above remotely with my Droid.  Look at Techno-C-Nut!

I'm wondering how necessary a *defibrillator* is, how many they have in the building, and how much they cost taxpayers!

After scouts we jumped into a fully packed car and drove 3.5 hours up I-95, in the rain, to my parents' house.  We are to be made godparents to our niece and nephew tomorrow.  After all, who could possibly be a better spiritual adviser than moi?

Then on Sunday my wife flies to South America to meet with her far-flung staff.  It'll be her first trip down there (engagement ring isn't making the trip!).  I'll be on my own with the kids for a full week. When she's gone I can generally get some quality computer/blogging time.

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