Monday, October 25, 2010

Upping The Dosage For Morons

Last week, up in Moronic Massachusetts, I had to bear two *adults*, medical professionals, wax euphoric about *vaccines*. Seriously. One of them loudly asserted:

"I'm a big believe in vaccines!"

And the other other expressed total agreement. Seriously.

I mentioned that hundreds of kids in Australia supposedly went into convulsions after receiving the pig flu shot. Now what did they think of that?

More importantly, had they even heard of that???

No they hadn't. But one of them had an answer nonetheless, mumbling something about kids *fainting* at the sight of needles. He then asserted that because polio had been eradicated by vaccination....that therefore all vaccines were safe.


Such is sorry intellectual state of Big Medicine and Big Science today - both incurable poisoned by government subsidy.

The big news today is that Big Government is now pushing quadruple-dose flu shots for the most vulnerable Morons.

(NaturalNews) The vaccine industry has now decided that injecting senior citizens with the "standard" vaccine dose just isn't working. (Gee, really?) So now they've decided the way to make it work better is to offer a quadruple viral potency vaccine that packs 400% more viral fragments into one toxic shot.

The target for this quadruple vaccine injection? Senior citizens, of course -- the very people most likely to suffer the most serious side effects from a vaccine overdose. The FDA reportedly approved the new vaccine in April even though no scientific tests have ever been done to show it reduces flu symptoms. Then again, since when did vaccines have anything to do with real science in the first place?

What's especially entertaining about all this is that the FDA's approval of this quadruple potency vaccine is a blatant admission that single-dose vaccines just don't work! Obviously, if the single-dose vaccine was working as advertised, then it would be 100% effective and there would be no need for a double, triple or quadruple-dose vaccine. But all of a sudden, now that the quadruple-dose vaccine is available, the regular single-dose vaccine "isn't good enough."

This is a semi-long video, but it'll grab the open-minded remnant:


Taylor Conant said...


Great video. I love the mouth-agape people in the background. Null raises a great point-- politicians and bureaucrats are part of an LLC! They are never personally responsible or liable for any of their decisions or actions. The excuse is "government couldn't operate without that immunity"-- EXACTLY! MAYBE THAT'S THE FRICKIN BLEEEEEEPPPPPPPIN POINT!

Why don't people get this? Government is not natural, it's not social. The only way it can finance itself is through theft. The only way it can operate is through violence and special privilege, legal immunity, etc. Those facts alone should call into question the legitimacy and necessity of the institution we call government.

It just reminds me of the way so many people live their lives-- fat, broke slobs making it through life day by day on high doses of anti-anxiety and pain meds, all because they work some wage slave job that doesn't make them enough money, doesn't fulfill them spiritually and doesn't leave them with time to exercise or prepare healthy meals.

Maybe, just maybe, it isn't worth it at that point! And neither is government.

Taylor Conant said...


Btw, are you embarrassed to have INFECTED your children, voluntarily, just so you could send them off to summer camp?

Mark said...

hey you left out the part where I mentioned the pertussis outbreak in CA. 9 DEAD BABIES because of fruitcake paranoid parents with your type of thinking who have caused the loss of herd immunity.

Like I said, educate yourself... get a book that tells the real history of these childhood diseases and maybe then you can write a blog retraction of your BS.
Among people who know what they are talking about there is no serious debate about vaccines for mumps, measles, pertussis and polio. You lose credibility when you write about topics you know nothing about.

btw here's an article about the 40 deaths from swine flu... and talking about one supposed case of "convulsions"

Mark said...

quick thing about this dr. gary null who by the way is NOT a medical doctor.
He's a quack. He's a self-interesting, self-aggrandizing quack
He sells his brand. There are multiple international large scale trials out there that debunk the MMR vaccine-autism link
Here, educate yourself about Gary Null the quack

stick with economics and home schooling, just get your kids vaccinated and move along...
there is no vaccine big medicine conspiracy.
Maybe we need all those diseases to really come back so you might become a vaccine believer. Oh and stay away from Natural News... wtf?

CaptiousNut said...


I wasn't including you in the conversation of two *medical professionals* - I was referencing the skinnier doctor and the woman (nurse?) to his right.

But if you crave guilt by association...

The article you linked to was from 2009.

All the convulsions (1% of kids) were reported a year later.


I submit we should go with the most recent data, no?

Let me ask you a question.

Assume that vaccines were wholly responsible for the eradication of polio, measles, or whatever.

Do you think a doctor (scientist) should ever use logic like this...

"Because vaccines worked a couple of times....ergo they are always safe."


Please answer whether or not you think that intellectually sound.

Also, do you think that over 50% of the people who made government decisions on vaccines should be from the *vaccine industry*?

Do you think that Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms should be running the SEC and the Federal Reserve?

Do you think the fox should be commissioned to guard the henhouse?

Would you ever send lettuce by rabbit?

Mark said...

These diseases are not eradicated... just suppressed. The sole exception is smallpox which was eradicated with a world wide effort led by the USSR believe it or not. As soon as you lose herd immunity with decreased vaccinations, these diseases come back. So yes, you still need to immunize. Please read on this... you're killing me.
As to your unrelated question about the fox guarding the hen house.. yes I agree that it is ridiculous that the FDA is funded by the same drug companies that it needs to review its drugs.... That's the way congress set it up. Of course it should be independent.

One more thing on Gary Null. He said there were no double blinded placebo controlled trials on vaccines to show their efficacy. ACTUALLY the polio vaccine was tested in the 1950s with exactly that sort of trial.. the largest of its kind.

Gary Null is a charlatan... don't give this quack any more of a forum

Vaccines don't make pharmaceuticals rich.. blood pressure, diabetes, impotence meds do. There needs to be governmental advocacy to get these made.. vaccine lawsuit protection...
the ends are definitely worth the means
whatever side effects vaccines cause, they are definitely outweighed by the public health benefits.

CaptiousNut said...

When he said there was no *double-blinds*....he was talking about the pig flu vaccine, no?

And vaccine lawsuit protection is a whole lot different from government sponsored and coerced (for gov't employees) vaccination.

I'm all for drastically limiting/capping lawsuit damages - in ever area of law.

But you voted for class action patron saint John Edwards for VP if memory serves me, no?