Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rhyming Presidential History

Stuff like this is streaming into my inbox these days:

It is *well-done* but so what.

I do have a problem with people who focus all their anger on *Obama* so much. After all, Congress is the real problem....and has been for decades. Heck my MIL insists that her electricity bill was high ($500?) in July on account of Obama - even though it was the hottest July in a 100 years in NYC or something!!!

Furthermore, the worst things he's done so far (outside of the stalled Obamacare) amount to nothing more than a continuation of Bush policies: bailouts, stalled foreclosures, fighting terror in overseas caves, and runaway money printing.

From where I sit, putting aside Supreme Court nominations, it's darn tough to argue that he's been worse than Bush (No Child Left Behind, Prescription B, Amnesty, bailouts, etc.).

And as pessimistic as I am about what the anti-Democrats would actually do should power alternate back to them next week, if a handful of 'old coot' Congresspeople get voted out this week, it would indeed be something to sort of celebrate.

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tical said...

Now why'd you have to go and marginalize all the Obama-haters? I thought you were trying to increase traffic! So true about Congress...sadly, until we have campaign finance reform, it will continue to be filled with bought-and-paid-for morons regardless of which party is in charge.

Anne Galivan said...

I have to disagree with you and point out a possible inconsistency.

You say that the problem is Congress and minimize the damage Obama has done, but then list all of Bush's failures. You can't have it both ways.

And while I agree that Bush grew government in ways unacceptable to a conservative like me...Obama is a completely different animal.

Secondly, if ALL Obama did was push through his so-called "healthcare" plan in spite of the clear outcry from the people that we didn't want it - which he did.

If ALL he did was wangle a bunch of backroom deals to get this horrendous piece of legislation passed - which he did.

If ALL he did was get on TV and make hour-long speeches which amounted to nothing but informercials to pimp his plan - which he did.

If that's all he did that's enough to tell me that he has no business being president of a free nation. Let him go to Canada or France or somewhere where the people love being told when, if, and how they can get healthcare. That bill isn't just "one more" is a looming disaster for this country.

CaptiousNut said...


Obama, as I said all along, is nothing but a puppet - the public face of an array of special interests.

He wasn't self-made in any respect. He was drafted to be the public face of his handlers.

When he's gone, those special interests will still be around and still be potent.

So anger directed at him, IMO, is wasted energy.


Bush gave Washington, effectively Congress, more power that won't be returned to the people any time soon.

We already have socialized medicine in this country, i.e. Medicare. All Obama was trying to do was accelerate the inevitable. I think Medicare (and Social Security) should be ended tomorrow. Do you?

Realize that *conservatives* are on the Republican plantation - bones of appeasement are occasionally thrown to them like Cheney and Palin, as if Vice Presidents have any power - but the *far-sighted* party will always be cutting deals and triangulating to stay in power with 52% of the vote.

Emancipate yourself and join the libertarian un-party!

And BTW, Obama wouldn't be president if the Republicans hadn't nominated anti-conservative, complete 'old coot' Moron John McCain.