Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freedom Lovers

I guess the problem with a libertarian dating site like this is, well, it's not necessarily the inherent *commitment* problems of the sub-population...

More importantly, I don't see any chicks!

Although, after some snooping, I did find a real prize in Texas for our own partisan libertarian, Taylor.


Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, Taylor is a lucky fella. Face tackle always brings the hot.

Taylor Conant said...

Libertarianism, being a pro-reason movement, necessarily finds itself unappealing to the average female. It's truly a wonder there isn't more rampant homosexuality amongst our ranks. Then again, some of the most flamboyant man-lovers of old came from the leftist wings of politics, and one of the arch enemies of libertarian economic theory, Keynes, was something of an unabashed flamer/swinger for much of his life-- we want as little to do with Keynes' personal lifestyle as we do of his intellectual heritage, I suppose.

Paul Mitchell said...

Speaking of flamers and liberals, have you ever seen the President throw a baseball?

CaptiousNut said...


*More rampant*???

As in it is already rampant? Or, it's latent?

While the average female might be *anti-reason*....so is the average human male, no?

Would you set aside your superficialities if *face tackle* was spectacularly *pro-reason*???