Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pig Flu Shot Reminder

Check out this chilling link:

Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 - 2007)

More than a few of those were pretty darn bad.

I heard the useless pig flu shot is going to be bundled with the useless (harmful?) *regular* flu shot this year.

I predict that fewer people will go for the *vaccination* this time around - except maybe in Massachusetts, America's Moron capital.  The clowns up there are probably also figuring out how to vote higher taxes for themselves, again.


Anne Galivan said...

I'm with you and stay away from flu shots. For several reasons, not the least of which they have mercury in them which I am allergic to. Interesting thing is, I never knew this until a few years ago when I saw a notice on a flu ad that if you are allergic to thimerasol you shouldn't get the flu shot. And then a pediatrician told me I am allergic to thimerasol because it has mercury in it. Meanwhile, if I had been less educated, I could have had the flu shot without even knowing I could have an allergic reaction.

My family DID get swine flu however - last summer which caused me to miss a class reunion I had been looking forward to for a year. We were SO sick. The only one who didn't get it was my husband.

I get furious with the proliferation of vaccines that are forced on infants now. My kids get only the routine shots: MMR, Polio, and DTP. But I didn't start them on them until they were six months old and had had time to build up immunities. And then I would only have them get one vaccine at a time. I don't even think my 8-year old has finished all of his. Parents are so duped into thinking that the medical establishment must be right and allow their infants to get shots starting in the hospital after birth! I finally left our pediatrician for a family practice doctor for our boys because I was so tired of fighting with him about vaccinations.

Anonymous said...

I saw a mention of Gatto elsewhere and thought of you..