Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Privacy, Please

While there's no *right to privacy* enumerated in the Constitution...

I submit that privacy is indeed a basic human need.

And it's especially important for those still in developmental stages, i.e. CHILDREN and YOUNG ADULTS.

But how much privacy do today's kids really enjoy?

Locked in a classroom cell with 30 of their infantile peers all day long FOR 12+ YEARS(!), their lives are essentially broadcast from a glass bubble. Everything from what they wear, their daily moods, their grades, their athletic ability, with whom they associate, their pimples, etc. instantly becomes *public knowledge*.

Without meaningful time to themselves, children cease to be *individuals*, do they not? In fact, most never had a chance.

I know that personally I need a whole lot of alone-time. No matter how depressed, frustrated, or angry I am throughout my life, given a little solitude I can almost always work my way out of it.

It may not be the best retort out there....but the next time I hear someone invoke a *right to privacy* in a political argument I'm going to ask them their stance on compulsory, 1-on-30 government education.

From another angle, that might be the best possible retort against the existence of such a right:

"What do you mean there's an implicit *right to privacy*....take a look at government schools!"

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