Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wall Street 2 - Better Than The Original!

I don't a $hit what the critics or anyone else says...

Wall Street's long awaited sequel, which I just saw tonight, was TERRIFIC!

If you loved the first, you'll really enjoy this one.

I sat there right through the final credits while they played *This Must Be The Place* - probably the first time I've ever done so in my life.

So, why was it sooooo good?

Because, briefly, the motion picture was absolutely teeming with realism!

Watch the trailer here.

I just can't wait to see it again.


Taylor Conant said...

Your most sarcastic post yet?

CaptiousNut said...

Your least discerning comment ever...

CaptiousNut said...

Did you see the movie?

Anne Galivan said...

Actually - - which is my go-to site to decide if I want to watch a movie, gave it a positive review.

Anonymous said...

I know you've been (still are?) a securities trader working from home.
Have you actually _worked_ at any Wall St firms?

Just curious ...

CaptiousNut said...


How do you define a Wall Street firm?

I'm guessing you mean a *big* one.

No I haven't worked for a big one.

In 1995 I started trading options in the pit in Philly with a 5-7 person firm. After that I worked for one wealthy individual trader there. Next I formed my own broker dealership.

Then I had major surgery on my back and was forced to leave the trading pit - but it was dying anyway due to multiple-listing and bid-ask spread compression.

Around 9/11 I moved to NYC to chase a broad (my future first wife).

There I continued to trade in varying degrees of *independence*, in affiliation with 3-4 other firms. One office was in mid-town. The others were downtown between the bull and the NYSE.

In the pit I traded amongst 500+ other traders and intimately against every major *Wall Street*/hedgefund firm.

My career has been slowing down gradually for years. Probably my peak roller coaster year was 1999 when I paid over 120k(?) in stock commisions (at only .02 a share)