Monday, November 01, 2010

Bad Science & Worse Government - More Lethal Than Pig Flu

With the winter approaching....the alarmist push for *flu vaccines* from interested parties (Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Walgreens, CVS, etc) is already well underway. Although I expect even fewer Americans this year to submit this this nonsense (though perhaps not in our most Moronic state - Massachusetts).

Today I came across another comprehensive debunking of flu vaccine propaganda that's well worth reading (and it's not from Natural News!):

New Proof That This Common Medical Treatment Is Unnecessary And Ineffective

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Mark said...

You're going to lose credibility and readership with these medical write-ups.
Barbara Loe Fischer is another well known quack

If you can so intelligently deconstruct other public figures in economics and public schooling, how come you accept these quacks' anti-vaccine rantings uncriticallly?

Here's another informative article..

Do you understand herd immunity?
What would be the motivation of doctors and other public health professionals to disseminate this so called "lie" about vaccines? You say that the drug companies want profit but they weren't interested in making vaccines until the government sent up the vaccine litigation fund, since there are so many anti-vaccine wackos that see any issue with their children as a result of vaccine and sue.
Why don't you look up childhood mortality rates from a century ago and see what were the causes?
Get educated.

Mark said...

oh and you might as well read up on Joseph Mercola and Lisa Jackson, 2 other well known quaks

Did you notice that Dr. Mercola lets you buy his special vitamins and supplements to live a healthier life?

Mark said...

a quick word on the "pig flu"
It was not as bad as feared and while the number of deaths approximated the number of deaths in a "regular" flu year, children and young adults were over-represented
1200 children in the US
and you're worried about "convulsions" and "high fevers" due to the vaccine

CaptiousNut said...


So what if Dr. Mercola sells vitamins on his site?

He's not forcing the public to pay for them? He's not forcing teachers, healthcare workers, soldiers, etc. to take them?

Of course the FDA has hassled him - he's calling BS on them! That's what they do....they are thugs!

You can talk about *herd immunity* (your "WMD", "falling behind China in math and science", "back alley abortions" or "total financial collapse" alarmism) all you want.

The fact remains that people aren't dying from the so-called pig flu AND that there have been next to no tests on the vaccine.

The *motivation* of doctors is irrelevant. They are mere cogs in a machine. They've been anointed high priests of Big Education and Big Science and seem to convulse and get hot at any and all criticism. It's just the type of cognitively dissonant behavior one would expect from people whose self-esteem and sense of accomplishment come *from without*.

What might be the *motivation* for a doctor (and you know whom I'm talking about) to say...

"....because vaccines worked on polio....ergo all vaccine FOR EVERMORE are safe and effective."

What kind of Aristotelian logic is that?

What could *motivate* doctors to NOT PRESCRIBE yoga to people with serious back problems?

What could *motivate* podiatrists to NOT PRESCRIBE barefootedness?


I'm not worried about *convulsions* and *fevers*....I'm worried about the unknown risks.

But I must duly thank you, the lone critic of my pig flu posts, for worrying about me losing readership and credibility.

Fair and is fair so I'll reciprocate by worrying about the mercury you're pumping into your body each winter!